Writer Inspires Children To Write About A World Without Bullying

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Children of St David’s College welcomed Anti-Bullying Workshop and writer and former pupil Rachel Wagstaff to a workshop with a difference.  The session was inspired by a writing competition organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Random House Publishing for children to write about a world where cyberbullying has been destroyed and everyone can enjoy using the internet without fear of being bullied online.  

“The combination of writing and drama exercises really sparked the imaginations of the children who produced some truly fantastic work. I have seen first hand many times, how the creative arts help children deepen their understanding of bullying and how they can tackle this issue for themselves and support others” says, Faye Willingale, Co-Director of Anti-Bullying Workshop.

Rachel’s top five tips for successful creative writing are:

(1)  Be relaxed before you start writing. Write where you feel comfortable; on your bed, on the sofa, in the garden. Create a relaxing environment to be creative in.

(2)  Sit down and start writing and don’t be afraid to write what comes into your mind. All ideas are great ideas.

(3)  Create characters by asking questions: What is my characters name, age, like and dislikes, hobbies etc…

(4)  Express your emotions when you write. Think about what makes you happy, sad, angry, feel excited and so on. Brilliant stories may come from these thoughts.

(5)  Share your work with others, read it out loud and act it out. Bring it to life as this will help develop your ideas.   

“I was delighted by the response of the children we worked with and I hope that lots of children will get involved in the competition and enjoy the experience of creative writing that is so beneficial and fun. Good luck everyone!” says Rachel.  

If you would like your child or your child’s school to get involved in the writing competition please visit www.anti-bullyingalliance.org for more details. The winners will have their work published and win books for their school.  The competition judges are Laura Dockrill and John Lucas. The closing date is Monday 30th September 2013

Rachel Wagstaff writing workshop anti-bullying writing workshop at St David's College

Anti-bullying writing workshop

Anti-Bullying Writing Workshop Faye Willingale and Rachel Wagstaff

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