Range of Anti Bullying Workshops

All of our workshops are designed so that they can be adapted for different year groups.  Every workshop includes an introductory session that looks at bullying in all its forms.  The drama role-play scenarios then focus on the particular theme of the workshop booked. Please get in touch to make a booking.

All Different, All Equal – new for 2017!

This workshop is designed for children in KS2.  For Year's 3-4 our drama role-play explores how children may start to compare themselves to others at this age.  The activities in the workshop will encourage each child to recognise differences and celebrate what makes each of us unique.  For Years 5-6 our role-play develops these ideas further by looking at how social media enables children to start benchmarking themselves against others.  The workshop activities will help to remind each child to be proud of who they are.

Power for Good

This workshop helps the children in KS2 to understand the ways that they can effect change and make a difference. The activities will enable every child to use the power they already have to tackle bullying in all its forms. 

Make a Noise About Bullying

This workshop gives your students the tools to recognise, report and resolve bullying. The drama role-play exercises aim to help your students speak confidently about this issue. The workshop activities will encourage your students to support their peers and have empathy and compassion for others. At the end of the workshop your students will be aware of the long term impact that bullying can have if left unchecked.     

The Future is Ours - Safe, Fun & Connected | Tackling Cyberbullying (KS2)

Aimed at KS2 students to help them take the lead on creating a future without bullying - using new technologies to promote positive communication rather than being held back by cyberbullying and focuses on bullying via the internet, social networks and mobile phones and how to tackle this form of bullying. 

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (KS1)

This workshop is specially designed for KS1.  The emphasis is on how to be a good friend to one another.  We use puppets to introduce the theme of friendship and then follow up with role-play exercises.  This workshop does not use the word “bullying” because this can be an unhelpful term for this age group.  The focus is all about friendship.

We’re Better Without Bullying

This workshop focuses on the effect that bullying can have on achievement.

Stop and Think – Words Can Hurt

This workshop looks at verbal bullying and focuses on the difference between banter and language that makes people feel hurt or threatened.

Taking Action Together

This workshop focuses on the responsibility of everyone inside and outside the school community to work together to beat bullying.

Being Different, Belonging Together

This workshop helps children recognise and value difference and to understand that despite being different we can all work well and belong together.

Teacher Training (INSET days)

We also offer anti-bullying training courses for all staff in schools.  We can help you to establish your anti-bullying programme or provide an audit of current policy.


Ideas for the classroom

All Spotlights Anti-bullying Workshops includes a comprehensive resource pack for teachers with lots of ideas for further work to do in class to tackle bullying.  These are just a couple of ideas from the resource pack to try.

Classroom based activity for KS1 – The Cinderella Story

Purpose/learning outcome: 

The students will explore the effects of bullying on an individual and they will be encouraged to speak out about bullying and take collective responsibility.

The Cinderella Story: 

Use the relationship between Cinderella, her ‘ugly’ sisters and her stepmother to introduce the theme of bullying. As this is such a well known story the children will already be very familiar with the characters. Invite selected students to come to the front of the class to take on the roles of Cinderella, the sisters and the stepmother. What are they doing? How do they feel? Why do they bully Cinderella? Is the stepmother a bystander? What could Cinderella say – how could she stand up for herself in an assertive way?

Classroom based drama activity for KS2 – Thought Bubbles

Purpose/learning outcome: 

The students will focus on dialogue and communication and how words can affect us emotionally.  

Thought Bubbles: 

The teacher asks the students how they feel when someone pays them a compliment and how they feel when words are used against them in a negative way. 

The children will then be divided into groups of 6.  Each group will then create two ‘Thought Bubble’ conversations.

The session will finish with the teacher reminding the students that words are very powerful and when they are used in a positive way, value is created. When they are used in a negative way, people’s feelings are affected. The teacher will encourage the students to stop and think about the words they use.

Workshop Testimonials

A fun and interactive way to tackle bullying.

Olivia Hall – PSHE Coordinator and Reception Teacher, Norland Place School, London